Science On Wheels

The science education project for the middle schools has to engage students in congenial way and create an atmosphere of learning that will excite students.

ELS has started Science on wheels CSR activity in the year 2016 with 3 vans named ‘Science Express’ to convert a vehicle into a lab that shall be taken around to the underprivileged students in their schools. Such education need to focus on the pedagogy methods to create scientific temperament among students, so that they can continue scientific approach throughout their life.

The Concept: Science Center cum Science on Wheels:

Unless students get involved in the experiments and see great concept of science working through models they won’t be able to develop science education attitude. It is very costly to set up even miniature science centers at each and every school and beyond the government’s capacity to develop a science laboratory at each school. Thus we recommend a Science Centre cum Laboratory on Wheels to be set up that will bring science to the doorsteps of underprivileged students studying in government-run or municipality-run schools.

  • The Lab on Wheels equipped with multiple science experiments / exhibits.

  • The exhibits are designed and mapped to state board syllabus (6th to 10th Std. students)

  • The same lab on wheels can act as a Science Centre on wheels that will transport working models of Science Centre in a particular school.

  • It will be operated by qualified trainers and will be used by students under their supervision


  1. Science Lab on Wheels can be used by multiple schools of the underprivileged sections

  2. To take learning aids - which are not affordable to all schools - to these schools

  3. Equip students and the community with the knowledge of every day science

  4. Make science learning a joyful experience for students, teachers

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