Experiential Science Program

The programme is to be carried out to promote the use of Teaching Aid in innovative manner as a tool to understanding a concept during actual classroom interactions. This program is for students from 6th to 10 standard.

Pedagogy with the use of teaching aids and activities has to be imbibed to promote constructive approach in classroom. The time should not be spent only on frequent trainings of the teachers; instead the time should be utilized in orientation, preparation of teaching Aids and Activities; and their effective implementation in classrooms which will lead to Constructive Approach in Science Learning.

Experiential Science Program image

Highlights of the program

During the project an activity kit will be prepared. In fact it will be the direct outcome of the project.

All the material and experiments will be segregated concept wise into small boxes of each standard so that teacher should not find it difficult to search the required material before going into classroom.

The experiments or activities will be selected so that teacher need not have to go through complicated arrangements and should be easy for a teacher to show it around through the classroom with apparatus in their hand.

The kit does not occupy much space.

The kit will be very easy to handle so that students can be involved to carry out the activities.

Raw material used for making kit will be such that it is readily available at a low cost.

There will be a scope kept in the kit to add some more experiments which may be developed after ongoing research and development in teaching aid.

A users’ manual will be given in the kit to guide a teacher on how to do these activities and experiments and what concepts can be taught with the help of them.

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