Project Implementation With CSR Company

Phase I - Forming a team and resource mobilization :

  • A. Experiential Learning Solutions will form a core project team involving experts and CSR company.

  • B. Necessary administrative approval from Education department will be taken with the help of CSR team.

  • C. Schools will be identified and communicated with the help of Education department for roll out.

  • D. Necessary material for KIT is procured

Phase II: Introduction and Orientation :

  • A. Two Block level workshops:

    1. Two days block level “training, orientation and kit making workshop” will be organized. All the training modules, kit development and resource material will be prepared by Experiential Learning Solutions, Mumbai. The necessary branding will be carried out on KIT as per CSR requirement

    2. Experiential Learning Solutions will conduct the workshops with identified resource persons. The module of this workshop will include general introduction of constructivism approach, role of teaching aid or activity based learning.

    3. In this workshop actually the kits will be prepared by participants with the help of Core Team so that they will be trained automatically.

    4. They will be also trained to become a “Resource Person”.

  • B. Meeting of Science Teachers of selected schools:

    1. In this meeting a schedule of Classroom demos will be finalized and the days and schools will be allotted to the selected Master Resource Persons.

  • Expected Outcome after Phase II of the project:

    1. At the end of this phase we will be having kits; one each for selected schools.

    2. After successful implementation of this project for teachers, we will have team of at least 25 fully trained, motivated and experienced teachers.

    3. The approach of activity based learning will help teachers in CCE where in modules of “Assessment of Understanding” can be used.

Phase III: Classroom Demo lessons

  1. A team of about 10 Master Resource Persons will be furnished and oriented about the procedure of classroom demos.

  2. Actual classroom Demo lesson periods will be arranged in each school as per their teaching schedule and planning.

Phase IV: Review meeting for Orientation and planning for Monitoring phase

  1. A meeting of all the participating teachers will be held. In this meeting their feedback will be taken about what they feel about the use of teaching Aid kit in classroom

  2. Misconceptions

  3. Orientation on Pedagogy

  4. Schedule for Monitoring will be planned.

Phase V: Monitoring Phase

  1. A team of members of monitoring committee will be formed

  2. The members will be equipped with the formats to be filled up by the members.

  3. A format for “assessment of understanding will be distributed to all the teachers for their further feedback.

Phase VI: “Assessment of Understanding”:

  1. In this phase there will be coordination with the teachers to motivate them to use the kit and keep the “Assessment of Understanding” format updated.

  2. Collect the formats and compile report.

Phase VII: Reporting:

  1. Formats of feedbacks will be collected, analyzed and a final report will be prepared by Implementing Agency with the help of Resource Agency and PI.

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